What Is the Normal Blood Pressure for Your Age?

Did you know that there your blood pressure levels are also conditioned by your age? This is why it is important to know the values for your age and measure your blood pressure several times per week so that you can be more precise in determining your blood pressure. To illustrate, having a blood pressure which is 125/95 mmHg or higher, means that you are suffering from stage 1 hypertension, according to Mayo Clinic. Let us see the other possibilities.

Blood Pressure Categories

Systolic                  Diastolic                  Category                              Recommendation

Below 120                below 80                   Normal blood pressure            Hold on to your healthy habits

120 to 139                80 to 89                      Pre-hypertension                    Lead a healthier lifestyle

140 to 159                90 to 99                      stage 1 hypertension              Lead a healthier lifestyle & take meds

160 or higher            100 or higher             stage 2 hypertension              Improve your lifestyle & take meds


Important to note:

  1. In children and teenagers, the values are lower so consult your physician if you suspect a hypertensive child
  2. If you suffer from a serious illness like diabetes or kidney disease, your high blood pressure may require stronger therapy
  3. The most common symptoms of an unregulated high blood pressure are dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds
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