Wath are Cheek Dimples

A dimple is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek or on the chin. Cheek dimples when present, show up when a person makes a facial expression. A chin dimple is a small line on the chin that stays on the chin without making any facial expressions. Dimples may appear and disappear over an extended period.

Even though we tend to consider dimples an attractive feature, they are actually a facial muscle deformity. It is estimated that around 20% of people “suffer” from this adorable deformity, and the 80% of us are envious. There is a trend of artificially, or surgically, creating dimples, as they are considered a sign of beauty.

The surgical procedure of creating dimples, called dimpeplasty, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. A doctor passes a suture through the inside of the cheek (or, in the case of chin dimples, through the inside of the bottom lip), catching the undersurface of the skin. When the suture is tied, it creates a natural-looking dimple in the overlying skin. The surgery typically takes 30 minutes, can be performed under local anesthesia, and should not leave a scar on the outside of the face. The procedure usually costs around $1,500.

It is apparent that we, as a culture or a species, appreciate dimples and find them an attractive quality. But what do dimples actually represent?

  1. Eternal youth

Dimples are associated with eternal youth, and it is a scientific opinion that they actually do make people appear younger than their actual age. The reason behind this is purely psychological, as we tend to associate dimples with babies, children, and youth in general.

  • A sign of good fortune

In many cultures, especially in Eastern Europe, dimples are considered a sign of “being born under the lucky star”. The person with dimples is believed to be destined for great things, and people believe that on that journey to greatness, the good luck and prosperity will follow the people with dimples.

  • Beauty

It is estimated that more than 60% of people that are famous around the globe have dimples. The list consists of names such as Cheryl Cole, Bar Rafaeli, Arianna Grande, Hugh Jackman, Mathew Mchonachy, etc. Dimples are undeniably a sign of beauty, and they are, unfortunately for most of us, genetically obtained.

There are other ways of getting dimples other than undergoing the surgical procedure. The simple one is using makeup, and you can find numerous tutorials on YouTube for this. The one that requires more effort is the exercise method, which you can try if you’re after those cute dimples.

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