Transitioning your skin care to spring

Winter is now behind us, and the cold days, and their harshness to our skin can be forgotten. As spring and warmer, more humid days arrive; we can sense changes in our skin. Dryness and tightness, as well as constant feeling of unclean skin can occur, as the skin starts adapting to the weather. All of these are signs that your winter routine needs to change into a spring one. Here are some spring skin care tips:

  1. Cleanse your brushes

All the things that touch your face on the daily basis need to be cleaned often. This includes pillowcases, makeup brushes, and even things like tweezers. One simple tip for cleaning your makeup brushes is to bring them into a shower with you and use your regular body wash to clean them.

  • Exfoliate more gently

Making sure you’re not using products that are too harsh on your skin during spring is one of the most important elements in keeping your skin’s healthy glow. Scrubbing too aggressively can also cause skin flare-ups, as spring is the time when your pores are extremely exposed to dirt and bacteria. Using a gentle exfoliate, warm water, and a soft wash cloth should be more than enough to keep you looking beautiful.

  • Ease off on hair products and styling

As spring arrives, it is recommended to stir clear of hair styling products, as well as styling your hair using heat. Human hair is proven to be stronger during winter, due to the change in diet most of us experience during the winter months, and this makes it more resilient to heat and products. As humidity in the air brings out your hair’s natural texture, no products are needed during spring and summer. If you really need to use some, gentle conditioning oil based on natural herbs is recommended.

  • Return to using a toner

Toner helps your skin feel clean and refreshed, and it is a great addition to your skin routine. As with all other products, gentle version is recommended, as stronger ones can cause irritation and tightness or dryness during the warmer months. Go for ones based on gentle plants, such as aloe vera or rose leaves. For maximum skin refreshment, keep your toner in the fridge.

  • Change your lotion

Same as with your exfoliate, heavier varieties are recommended during winter. During the spring, they should be replaced with light formulas which allow your skin to breath. Smaller amounts of lotion are also recommended; start smaller than you thing and your skin will respond if it needs more moisturizing.


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