Traditional Food Puts Chemo to Shame, According to a New Study

According to several studies, there may be one natural cure that is much more powerful than conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

A New Hope

Namely, one study published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry showed that one traditional food consumed in the tropics as a veggie, that is, the leaves of Morinda citrifolia, is the perfect additional therapy in the prevention and management of lung cancer.


The Findings from the Study

According to the study, the extract from this plant’s leaves was more efficient than the chemo drug Erlotinib in suppressing metastasized lung cancer in laboratory animals. The researchers also inspected the macro and micro effects of these leaves on metastasized lung cancer development in cell and animal mode and compared them with the chemo drug Erlotinib’s effects. They used two types of lung cancer cells, i.e. A549 human alveolar basal epithelial lung cancer cells and mouse Lewis lung carcinoma cells. This research may be groundbreaking if we take into consideration that the above-mentioned chemo drug costs more than $7,700 per month, depending on the prescribed amount. On the other hand, Morinda leaf extract can cost as low as 12 cents per 250 mg extract.

Unfortunately, the current chemotherapy agent can have deadly side effects and easily bankrupt a family. This being said, why not try something which is practically free, safe, and effective in treating cancer?

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