Top 10 Crystals That Will Calm, Relax & Uplift You

Healing using crystals is an ancient method of not only making sure that your health is at an optimal level, but also improving and increasing your happiness. Anxiety, stress, lack of energy, and mood swings, will become a thing of past when you turn to this thousand-year old healing method.

Jade is a gorgeous stone, and a powerful healing item which has the ability to improve your physical, and mental health. It symbolizes calmness and purity, and brings harmony. Jade gets rid of negative energy, helps guide you to the path you were meant to be on, and helps you find happiness. It’s also detoxifying, and helps with adrenal gland issues. Jade also improves your kidneys’ ability to get rid of toxins. Weak immune systems can be strengthened with jade, and PTSD symptoms can be lessened. Lung-related problems can also be successfully treated with jade. Jade is also known as a stone of the heart, meaning it helps with heart chakras, and attracts love.

Ruby is mainly used to fight depression and lack of motivation. This stone symbolizes vitality, detoxifies your body, and supports your heart and lymphatic system.

Turquoise colors range from aqua blue to green, and it is famous for being one of the prettiest stones out there. The looks of it lead to it being one of the most popular crystals, but it also has other, more useful, purposes. Turquoise is used for energy boost, and helps protect its wearer from negative energy. It also positively influences people around you.

Citrine is yellow in color, and it reflects and provides light and happiness. It brings positive energy, and brings joy. Citrine also promotes prosperity and success in material sense.

Rose Quarts is used for love related problems. Wearing this crystal, or keeping it near you, helps with relationships, or lack of love. It also projects calm and soothing energy.

Amazonite is known as the artists’ stone. It improves communication, patience, and trust. Amazonite also helps you cope with your fears, and boosts confidence in self-expression. One the health side of things, amazonite helps your body to absorb calcium, making it great for healing fractures faster, or dealing with cramps.

Onyx is colored black, and offers stamina and strength. When dealing with stressful situations, it’s your best friend, as it eradicates fear and improves decision making. Onyx is also used by those trying to quit smoking or similar bad habits.

Blue Topaz gives good fortune and positive energy. It’s also known as stone of communication, as it improves your ability to express yourself. People who commonly speak to large crowds commonly used blue topaz for this reason. It also helps with written expression. Blue topaz improves digestion, and can help you lose weight.

Moonstone brings luck, happiness, and love. Native Americans have been using it for centuries, mostly to repel dark spirits and negative energy. It helps your body move toxins more easily, helps with nutrient absorption, and aids your pineal gland. Moonstone is commonly used to aid with conception, pregnancy, and other birth related things, hence it’s a great present for new moms.

Of course, different crystals have different properties, and they offer solutions to different kind of problems:


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