This Bedtime Drink Shrinks Belly Fat Like Crazy

As you probably know, the liver is a very important organ because it’s responsible for the filtration of toxins through the urine and the cleaning of the blood of harmful substances. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain the liver healthy and functioning. However, when the liver is overloaded with toxins, it becomes overworked and this causes other health complications.

The main causes of liver disease are poor diet and unhealthy habits. In order to remove the toxins from the liver, experts advise detoxification of the whole body, several times per year. For that purpose, we’ve prepared a recipe for the most beneficial detox drink.

Namely, it will supply the body with the needed nutrients and also speed up the metabolism and strengthen the immunity. When consumed regularly, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat will improve and you will be able to lose surplus weight, while the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension will reduce. Let’s take a look at the recipe:

You will need:

A cucumber
Half a lemon
A tsp of grated ginger
1/3 cup of water
A bunch of parsley

Preparation: Mix all of the ingredients in a blender for a few minutes and then transfer the content into a glass.

Use: Drink the freshly prepared juice in the morning before breakfast and before bedtime. For optimal results, consume the drink daily.

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