Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How!

Dr. Sergei Bubnovkiy, a popular Russian doctor, shares his thoughts and tips on how to improve and repair your immune system with a simple daily routine that only takes 15 seconds of your time. He claims that this routine prevents numerous health disorders, including cold and the flu.

Even though it might seem unorthodox at first, this method is scientifically proven to be effective. Here is the routine you should repeat daily:

  • Add as much ice as you can to a basin filled with cold water
  • Put your legs in
  • Keep them in for at least 10 seconds, but try to aim for 15
  • Repeat every night before going to bed

This unconventional method was not discovered by Dr. Bubnovkiy; he just happens to be one of the medical professionals that support the theory that exposing our body to extreme conditions improves its ability to repeal viruses and bacteria. This leads to the logical conclusion that staying inside, hiding from the cold, and avoiding contact with people doesn’t do us any favors when it comes to our immune system’s strength.

A recent study, conducted at the University of Virginia, showed that this theory is actually more than effective in preventing colds and flu, and boosting our immunity’s ability to deal with pathogens. The scientists involved in the study found that ice baths stimulate the production of norepinephrine; the hormone responsible for supporting the immune system.

It was also found that during the periods of weakened immunity, more frequent ice-soaks, or ice leg baths are the best remedy.

In addition to helping our immunity strive, ice soaks can also help with other things:

  1. DEPRESSION is commonly caused by the lack of serotonin, whose production is increased with regular ice soaks.
  2. HEALTHIER SKIN is achieved to the cold water’s ability to decrease our pores and clean then deeply, preventing further gunk build-up.
  3. SHINY HAIR occurs due to the follicles closing in the presence of cold water and ice.
  4. MUSCLE PAIN is eliminated, due to the cold water and ice combination that relaxes the muscles.


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