Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms?

20 signs of mold illness

Mold is one of the most dangerous things we can have in our vicinity, and we are often not even aware of its existence, or of the negative effects it can have on our health.

Mold illness commonly occurs in people whose homes are infested by mold, and it is one of the illnesses that require immediate treatment. However, according to medicine, it is not recognized as an illness, and there is no official treatment for it. Symptoms of this illness are often shared with other common conditions, such as flu and cold, and therefore are commonly disregarded. Here is what you should pay attention to in order to spot this illness in time, and prevent it from causing damage to your body:

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Loss of memory
  3. Sinus infections
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Headaches and migraines
  6. Sensitivity to light
  7. Vertigo
  8. Weight gain
  9. Nerve pain
  10. Tremors
  11. Changes in appetite
  12. Joint pain
  13. Increased rates of urination
  14. Diarrhea
  15. Increased thirst
  16. Metallic taste in the mouth
  17. Fever
  18. Shortness of breath
  19. Issues with focus
  20. Night sweats

In order to prevent mold illness, learning how to avoid and get rid of mold is of the outmost importance. Here are the signs and sources of mold in your home:

  • Musty odor in the house
  • Recent flooding
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Water damage and discoloration on the walls, especially in the corners

When it comes to treating the mold illness, first you need to remove yourself from the mold-infested environment. Using clay and charcoal binders is recommended in order to remove the mold from your system. You can get coconut charcoal or similar products aimed at improving your digestive tract. Constipation is common while using charcoal products, so make sure to get a gentle laxative to go with it as well. Visit your doctor if the symptoms persist.


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