Every Finger Is Connected To 2 Organs: Japanese Methods Of Curing In 5 Minutes!

Every finger is connected to two organs: Japanese methods of healing your body in 5 minutes

One of the most revered nations for its natural medicine practice is none other than Japan. The Japanese are famous worldwide for their longevity and youthful appearance, as they commonly look like they are in there twenties even when they are thirty years older than that.

In addition, Japanese traditional medicine is extremely effective in managing and treating injuries and illnesses. They use methods transferred from generation to generation, and today one of those methods is what we will be focusing on.

The famous Shin Jitsu method is considered to be one of the most powerful pressure methods in the Japanese medicine. It is believed that every single one of our fingers is connected to two different organs in our body. Stimulating specific points on the fingers can help us restore our physical health, as well as our emotional balance.

The technique is performed by holding a finger tightly for an entire minute, breathing in deeply, and massaging both hands. Now, you might wonder which finger you should apply pressure to. The answer is, every finger is connected to different organs, as mentioned before. Here is what the fingers are connected to:

  • Thumb is connected to our stomach and spleen. Focus on the thumbs if you have stomach issues, headaches, or if you suffer from anxiety and depression.
  • Index finger is connected to our bladder and kidneys. If you are experiencing back pain and indigestion, focus on this finger.
  • Middle finger is connected to the liver. If you’re experiencing issues such as migraine or menstrual pain, focus on this finger.
  • Ring finger is connected to the large intestine and our lungs. Asthma and skin conditions are treated by applying pressure to this finger.
  • Pinky finger is connected to the small intestine and our heart. We treat throat ache and bone issues by applying pressure to this finger.


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