Erase the Bad Karma- 7 Karmic Laws That Can Transform Your Life

Did you know that your life can be seen as a box? Hence, when we do good things, the box is being filled with positive things and vice versa, when we fail to make the right call, we fill the box with negative things. And, throughout life, we take out something out of this box randomly. This being said, the more good we do, the higher the chances of pulling good things.

Can We Control This Process?

No, because this is often an unconscious choice and everything depends on chance. Namely, doing good deeds is not necessarily followed by rewards and bad deeds sometimes go unpunished. However, there is something more vital and this is how we should all live our lives, that is, through Universal Law or Karma.

How to Transform Your Life with the Help of Karma

  • When you want something, you need to be actively dedicated to achieve that- namely, we cannot just hope that things will turn out as we want them to without trying our best first.
  • Self-control is pivotal- since we are unable to control other people’s actions, it is necessary to learn self-control and always be responsible for our actions.
  • Life is what you make of it- your life is under your control and it is therefore your own creation. You decide the directions and you build your destiny.
  • Things will not go away until they teach you a lesson- a pivotal karma rule is that until we learn a specific lesson, we will continue stepping on the same stone and this will be an ongoing process until we learn that there is a need for change and improvement.
  • Valuable things are the ones you have worked hard to achieve- instead of what most people think, an expensive thing is not necessarily valuable, but what is important is how much you worked to get or achieve something.
  • The most important victories are the ones that are good for everyone- getting rich is good for you, but an even greater victory is if you help others in the process. Being dedicated to social welfare is known to bring positive karmic influence and much needed support.
  • Happiness is powerful- by being happy, you can actually eliminate all bad karma. It is also necessary to note that karma can be cleansed with the help of visualization and meditation.
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