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Garlic Gets Rid of Herpes Overnight? Fact or Fiction?

Get rid of herpes overnight with garlic Herpes is a viral infection, caused by the simplex virus, that commonly exhibits itself in a form of sores or blisters. Those seeking medical treatment for herpes are prescribed usual antiviral meds, which might or might not work. There are numerous stories about […]

How to Get Rid of Phlegm & Mucus in the Chest & Throat

According to Woman Daily Tips, nasal passage obstructions can lead to persistent coughing and difficulty breathing as a result of the surplus phlegm deposited in the lungs. Phlegm is a thick substance which is produced by the respiratory tract’s mucus membrane as a method of fighting off infections. However, when […]

Transitioning your skin care to spring

Winter is now behind us, and the cold days, and their harshness to our skin can be forgotten. As spring and warmer, more humid days arrive; we can sense changes in our skin. Dryness and tightness, as well as constant feeling of unclean skin can occur, as the skin starts […]