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People in Iceland Hug Trees to Improve their Mental Health

People in Iceland Hug Trees to Improve their Mental Health

Social distancing is something the whole world is dealing with today. These are indeed hard and challenging times for humanity, so the Icelandic Forestry Service has some pretty useful advice to share with us. Namely, they’re encouraging people to hug trees while hugging humans isn’t recommendable. The forest rangers from […]

Milkmen Return as Millennials Bid to Cut Plastic Waste

Milkmen and milkwomen are coming back in London after millenials started using glass milk bottles in the effort to reduce plastic waste. Younger customers, amidst the growing concerns over the immense plastic waste and the problems it’s been causing, are looking for glass bottles of milk rather than plastic ones. Dairies […]

Bees Voted To Be The Most Important Living Beings On Earth

Unfortunately, the decline in bee population in the past decade has been concerning environments and governments worldwide. This doesn’t come as a surprise if we take into account these species’ importance for the human wellbeing and the ecosystems. Many refer to them as the most invaluable species on the planet and […]