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9 Foods You Must Avoid If You Suffer From Arthritis

9 foods to avoid if you suffer from arthritis Those suffering from arthritis are well aware of the pain that this condition brings, especially if your nutrition is not suited for the condition. Improper diet can worsen the inflammation, causing more pain and discomfort, while potentially increasing your weight; another […]

8 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. Although our bodies are unable to naturally produce it. We can easily get our necessarily daily dose of magnesium from various foods and beverages. No matter how healthy you may believe your meals are, most of us have […]

10 Bedtime Habits of the Most Successful People

Even though we tend to look at success, and our successful peers, as majorly influenced by luck or nepotism, the truth is, in most cases, that success comes with hard work, dedication, and tons of giving up. Well, maybe “giving up” is not the right term, let’s use prioritizing instead. […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try One of These Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural sleep remedy There are billions of people out there who have trouble falling asleep. Some sleepless nights are caused by stress, others by pain, and some seem to not have an underlying cause. Whatever the reason is, lack of sleep can lead to serious health issues and consequences. When […]

Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer that Kills Us Slowly

Having a Wi-Fi at home has nowadays become a necessity and it is present in almost every household. However, there have been a lot of concerns regarding its safety, i.e. the negative effects it has on the overall health and well-being, especially to that of children. Some claim that Wi-Fi […]

101 Scientific Evidences about Coconut Oil

Without doubt, coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients used nowadays. We frequently read about coconut oil on the internet, but in magazine papers as well. This is because coconut oil is abundant in nutrients, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins and it has been used for different cosmetic purposes […]