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This Green Juice Hydrates the Brain & Removes Migraines

Everyone will agree that headaches can be really painful and unbearable, especially if they happen on a more frequent base. Sometimes, suffering from headaches could be a consequence of dehydration and the consequent reduction in the amount of energy and nutrients in the body. This being said, did you know […]

Enjoy These 10 Detox Water Recipes All Year Long

Nowadays, detox water is one of the most miraculous diets and a lot of people believe it encourages loss of weight. This is why in today’s article we decided to find out if this is an innovative and effective weight loss method or another diet in the pool of fad […]

Castor Oil: A Magic Potion for the Hair and Skin

For a long period of time, castor oil has been regularly used for different medicinal purposes. This is because it possesses so many benefits. The oil is thick and concentrated and even a drop of it will suffice. With this in mind, in today’s article, we decided to share the […]