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How To Fight The Flu With Ayurveda

It is no wonder that the flu has been spreading around like crazy, considering how chaotic the weather has been for the last few weeks. Constant shifts between freezing cold and sunny weather make for perfect conditions for bacterial and viral growth and spreading through air. This year, the flu […]

This Homemade Syrup Destroys Bad Cholesterol and Fat Deposits

Sadly, nowadays, a lot of people suffer from high levels of lipids or accumulated cholesterol (fat) and triglycerides in the blood, which increases the risk of heart disease. In most situations, lipid disorder happens as a result of genetics or due to an unhealthy lifestyle consisted of unhealthy diet and […]

This Green Juice Hydrates the Brain & Removes Migraines

Everyone will agree that headaches can be really painful and unbearable, especially if they happen on a more frequent base. Sometimes, suffering from headaches could be a consequence of dehydration and the consequent reduction in the amount of energy and nutrients in the body. This being said, did you know […]

Miracle Magnesium Drink: Anxiety-Free in a Week!

Magnesium is considered to be one of the most potent cures for anxiety these days, a lot of studies show. According to Power of Positivity, the RDI of magnesium is between 320 and 400 mg; however, the average American adult consumes less than 250 mg of magnesium. This is not […]