Care for Your Lips

Almost every girl or woman enjoys wearing lipstick because it makes the lips more vibrant. There are different shades, textures, and tones that they can choose from. However, you cannot have attractive lips if you do not take proper care for them. Let’s learn together how!

Why Is Lip Care Crucial?

The skin on the lips is much thinner than the skin in the other areas of the body, which makes them more prone to cracking and chapping so we need to learn how to prevent this from happening. Namely, in the lips, there is a smaller amount of oil glands and this means that there is no production of the sun-filtering natural melanin, i.e. the lips are unprotected on their own. This is especially evident in the winter months when the cold and dry weather dehydrates the skin of the lips and causes chapping. Wind is also known to cause dry lips throughout the whole season, not just in wintertime.

What Is the Best Product for the Lips?

When you regularly wear lip balm, you will prevent and treat chapped and dry lips. Some lip balms also have menthol and camphor that are known to soothe the stinging sensation and the rawness. The allantoin and aloe can speed up the process of healing. Some products also contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect the lips from the sunlight.

     The Most Common Lip Issues and Major Causes


This problem can occur in any season and to avert and treat it, you need to apply a quality lip balm daily. Preferably, the balm should contain vitamins A, C, and E and AHAs.

Cold sores

This issue is usually a result of viral infections and they are similar to blisters or open scabs. To prevent the infection from happening again, apply lipstick with cotton swabs while the sore is visible.

Lipstick bleeding

This happens when the skin surrounding the mouth loses collagen and elastic tissue, which is usually caused by aging or smoking. A good solution is to use a waxy lip liner that will contain the lipstick within the line. When cosmetic products are no longer helpful, a permanent solution is collagen injections to fill the cracks.


The lips can split and crack after sleeping in dry air room. To avert this from happening, make sure you apply lip balm before bed. What’s more, choose a quality humidifier to maintain the moisture in the air in your bedroom.

                         Effective Lip Care Tips

Avoid touching or licking the lips

As previously mentioned, the lips have no protection on their own so whenever you touch or lick them, you are negatively affecting them. You may think that the saliva is hydrating them, but it actually quickly evaporates and leaves the lips drier than before. Breathing with the mouth open is also known to take away the moisture.

Lead a healthy diet

Vitamins and nutrients directly influence the lips’ condition. So, for lovely lips, eat healthy foods!

Hydrate the body

Being properly hydrated at all times is pivotal for healthy lips. Same as the skin needs to be hydrated from the inside, so do the lips.

Always remove makeup before going to bed

The lips need to breathe so you should always clean any makeup before going to sleep.

Hydrate the lips overnight

While sleeping, the air around us often dries the lips. This is why you should apply petroleum jelly or a lip balm before bed.

Proper massage

Massaging the lips for 5 minutes daily with the help of nourishing oil will enhance the blood circulation and make sure they receive the needed nutrients.


Lip scrubbing is crucial for soft and healthy lips. To prevent any infections, you need to eliminate dead skin cells regularly. Opt for a mild scrub or make your own at home.

Always have a lip balm with you

The truth is, you can never predict when the lips will begin to dry out. Opt for a quality and hydrating lip balm and carry it wherever you go.

Apply some lipstick before heading out

Wearing a lipstick will add an additional protective layer that the lips do not have. This will keep them safe from the sun, dry air, dirt, and other factors.

Know when you should ask for help

There are cases when despite all prevention, the lips are still in bad condition and require medical help. Consult your physician when none of the above methods solve your lip issues.


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