Amazing List of 42 Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar and Instructions on How to Use it

Organic, unfiltered, raw, and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has more than 40 amazing health benefits, but other advantages as well. You will be amazed when you check out the list with all of the properties of this type of vinegar.

The Best Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Medicinal Properties of ACV

  • Fights off cancer

According to studies, ACV can minimize and even kill some types of malignant tumors. On the other hand, a study done in Serbia points out that the intake of ACV increased the chance of bladder cancer 4.4 times. So, though ACV has anti-cancerous characteristics, its effects are not the same on all cancers.

  • Treats candida overgrowth

Candida overgrowth is manifested through symptoms like poor digestion, canker sores, yeast infections, and low levels of energy. ACV can be of aid because it will improve the digestion, balance the pH of the body, and enable growth of healthy gut bacteria.

  • Contains acetic acid

This acid can balance the accumulation of fat and the blood pressure. This is a bacteria present in vinegar and it is a by-product of the fermentation process.

  • Has disinfectant properties and can destroy bacteria

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used vinegar to heal wounds. Nowadays, conventional medicine recognizes the ability of ACV to destroy bacteria like E. coli and S. auerus. It is free of chemicals and you can use it as a washing product.

  • Decreases bad cholesterol and prevents heart problems

ACV has chlorogenic acids that reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and prevent it from accumulating and crystallizing in the blood.


  • Purifying properties

The one-of-a-kind acids in ACV attach to toxins and ease their removal from the body. You can consume ACV or soak in baths with it and Epsom salt.

  • Encourages weight loss

According to a study done in Japan, acetic acid can avert deposits of fat.

  • It can better the insulin sensitivity

A study from 2004 conducted by the American Diabetes Association showed that ACV was able to elevate the insulin in type 2 diabetics by 19 percent and in individuals resistant to insulin by 34. In the type 2 diabetics, there was also an improvement in their blood glucose levels by 25 percent.


  • Fights off diabetes

A study showed that consumption of vinegar juice led to a 35 percent reduction in the blood sugar levels after meals, thus, preventing the onset of diabetes.

  • Prevents muscle tiredness after workout

Depletion of minerals and electrolytes can often be manifested by tiredness in the muscles. This is where ACV can help. Namely, you should take one tbsp of ACV diluted with water prior to exercising so that the body can have enough electrolytes. With a balanced pH, the body will easily remove surplus lactic acid and oxygenate the body during physical activity.

  • Lowers oral bacteria

In a test done on 100 teeth exposed to a bacterium, ACV was able to decrease the amount of bacteria.

  • Treats acid reflux and heartburn

The stomach has acid which acts as a prevention from microbes. However, when the pH of the stomach is too high, the esophageal sphincter may develop pathogens that will paralyze the muscles that will enable the food to go back into the esophagus. In order to increase the acidity of the stomach acid so that it can kill harmful microbes, take a tbsp of ACV with meals.


  • Enhances the digestion

The living enzymes in ACV will breakdown food and ease the digestion.

  • Fights off bladder stones and UTIs

ACV will alkalize the urine and minimize the chance of stone formation.

  • Alleviates stiff joints, gout, and arthritis

For a period of 3 weeks, consume a glass of water mixed with 2 tsp of ACV before meals.

  • For relief from allergies and congestion

ACV will dissolve the mucus and alleviate the allergy symptoms.


  • It is rich in potassium

Potassium is a vital mineral necessary for resilient body tissues. Its low levels can cause a lot of different health problems.

  • Supports the blood flow and lymph

Take ½ tbsp of ACV mixed with a glass of water and a bit of lemon juice.

  • Alleviates sore throat

The potent antibacterial characteristics of ACV expel harmful bacteria causing the soreness.

  • Reduces irritation from poison ivy or oak

Mix equal amounts of water and ACV and add several ice cubes. Transfer the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it onto the affected spots to alleviate the stings and to eliminate the toxins from the skin.


  • Brings relief from insect bites and sunburn

Apply a mixture of ACV and water onto the affected areas.

  • Alleviates burns

To prevent the formation of blisters, apply cold ACV onto the burn.

  • Treats halitosis

Bad breath can be resolved by gargling with water and ACV mixture twice per day.

  • Heals corns and calluses

Soak your feet in a mixture of ACV and warm water for 20 minutes and then exfoliate them with a pumice stone to prevent fungal infections.

  • Reduce swollenness in the hands

Rub the hands with ACV.

  • Treats sinus infections and colds

Mix ½ cup of ACV, ½ cup of water, 4 tsp of honey, and a tsp of cayenne pepper and drink it.


Beauty Properties of ACV

  • Softens the hair

Rinse the hair with a mixture of ACV and baking soda for additional shine and softness.

  • Prevents dandruff

Apply a mixture of water and ACV onto the scalp and leave it for 2 hours and then rinse off the hair as usually.

  • Treats age spots

Apply some ACV onto the affected areas and leave it overnight.

  • Reduces sweating and bad odor of the feet

Soak the feet in water mixed with some ACV.

  • Tones the skin

Make your own ACV skin toner, mix ACV and water in a ratio of 1:3.

  • Lower blemishes

Apply some ACV onto the face before going to bed for a soft and smooth skin in the morning.

  • Treat acne

Apply a mixture of water and ACV onto the acne with the help of a cotton ball before going to bed and in the morning before moisturizing.

Household Uses of ACV

  • Preservation of food

Vinegar can be used as a food preservative that will help you store food for a longer period of time.

  • For cleaning

Water and ACV makes the perfect cleaning product for windows, glasses, mirrors, tiles, kitchen surfaces, and microwaves.

  • Cleaning pet urine stains from carpets

To remove the stain, blot it up with a cloth and then flush it with water and apply diluted ACV. Then, rinse it off well and leave the carpet to dry.

  • Maintain the whiteness of clothes

Soak white laundry before washing it in the laundry in ACV and water for 10 minutes.

  • Improve the taste of meals

If you added too much spice in a meal, to balance it, add a tsp of ACV.

  • Wash veggies and fruits

To eliminate all pesticides and chemicals on the outer layer of fruits and veggies, spray them with a mixture of ACV and water and then wash them with cold water.



  • Repel ants

Spray ACV in the areas where you notice ants the most.

Remedies for Pets with ACV

  • Alleviate arthritis

Add ACV to the pet’s food.

  • Loss of appetite

Give the pet a tbsp of ACV twice per day.

  • Itchiness

Spray the dog with ACV.



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