Aldi Markets Will Replace 12.5 Million Plastic Bags with Compostable Ones

Aldi, the discount supermarket giant, announced their plans to test alternative bags in all of their shops, in total, 830.

The supermarkets will provide paper bags in half of their stores and in the other half, there will be compostable ones available.

The trial started at the end of July 2019 and every biodegradable bag is made of Bioplast and it entirely dissolves within a one-year period. They cost 6p.

The paper ones are sources for sustainably managed forests and they’re sufficiently potent to carry up to 11 kilos of groceries. They cost 19 p.

The most Popular Will Be Rolled Out Nationally

The bag that is the most used and chosen as the most popular one will be widely available throughout all of their stores.

These bags can help prevent the usage of around 1,300 tons of plastic annually or the equivalent of 33.3 million carrier bags.

The giant also noted that they’ll launch two types reusable bags for their customers- one will be made entirely from the recycled store waste and the other will be a reusable cotton variant.

Aldi Is Committed to Sustainable & Eco-Responsible Business

According to their managing director of corporate responsibility, Fritz Walleczek, lowering the amount of plastic they produce is pivotal for their ongoing dedication to becoming a sustainable and eco-responsible business.

Waste reduction is part of their DNA and they’re constantly searching for useful methods to lower their negative influence on the environment.

This new bag-related trial is one of their major ones as they want their customers to participate in the decision-making about what’s best for our planet.

In addition to this trial, the supermarket chain has also made two new plastic and packaging pledges.

One is to use recycled packaging by the end of 2020 and the second is to decrease their usage of plastic packaging by 25 percent by the end of 2023.





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