39 Facts about the World that Will Surprise the most Intelligent People

Though the internet helps us learn a lot of different information on a daily basis, there are still a lot of mysteries that remain unsolved, according to The Hearty Soul.

Therefore, if you want to hear some amazing facts about the world, stay with us! We will show you a list with 39 such facts that can leave in awe even the most wide-eyed and intelligent people out there.

You Will Be Surprised: 39 Unbelievable World Facts

The average bar of chocolate has 8 insect pieces

A strawberry is not a berry; however, a banana is a berry

There are more stars than grains of sand in the world

You have a twice higher likelihood of getting killed by a vending machine than a shark

In their average lifetime, people will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator

“Set” is a word with the highest number of definitions in the English language (464)

Wars in history did not killed the highest number of people- mosquitoes did

For every human being on Earth, there are 1.6 million ants

Until 1977, execution by guillotine was still happening in France

The most-frequently used joint in our body is the jaw

Dolphins can actually call each other by name

Starfish, despite the name, are not fish- they are sea urchins. Similarly, killer whales are not whales, but dolphins

If you use tap water to make ice cubes, you will get white-colored ones whereas using boiled water makes the ice cubes transparent

Animals stay away from power lines as they are scared from ultraviolet flashes which are not visible to the human eye

Charging the phone takes so little electrictity- hence, if you calculated the yearly cost of your phone charging, it would estimate to less than a dollar

The three highest selling products in human history are iPhone, Harry Potter books, and Rubik’s cube

When we lose or gain weight, the fat cells do not disappear, they just change their size

“Esposas” is a Spanish word that can mean both “wives” and “handcuffs”

A cockroach can live several weeks without its head; but it will eventually die because of hunger

In addition to our five senses, we also have proprioception or awareness of the position of our body parts

99 percent of the microbes that live inside of us are unknown to science

To burn only one calorie by clicking on a mouse button, you will need to make 10 million clicks

Paper cuts hurt much more than regular cuts due to the fact that these wounds rarely bleed and instead, the nerve endings remain open to the air and become irritated

The naked mole rat is cancer-immune and can live with almost no oxygen

A blue whale’s mouth can hold its own body weight in water

99 percent of the gold on Earth is located in its core

The average adult has 7 quintillion joules of potential energy

The technology in one Gameboy surpasses all of the computing power which was used to put man on the moon

One piece of junk from space comes back to Earth daily

Because of gravity, the maximum height of a tree is 130 meters

Honey is the only food in the world that does not spoil

When a human being is struck by lightening, the skin heats up to 50000 degrees Fahrenheit

The lighter was inveted 10 years prior to matches

The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters

Our tongue is the strongest muscle in the body (in proportion of its size)

Charles Darwin was the first one to come up with the idea to add wheels to his chair in order to move faster through his office

Whips make a cracking sould as the tip moves faster than the speed of sound and thus, a small sonic boom is created

A real diamond will remain clear when you breathe on it; a fake one will become foggy

Our skin entirely replaces its outer layer on a monthly basis




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